With over 25 years experience in the transportation industry, I have met many wonderful people. I feel “Blessed” that I have been given a chance to serve so many individuals. You’re not just a customer spending money with our service bureau, you are our friends. Over the years, I have serviced many clients who have had very successful career. Also, I’ve seen many people struggle with business issues, major breakdowns, accidents, sickness and regretfully, even death.

Trucking is not an easy job. We can save you time and money by getting you on the road as quickly as possible, but we cannot make your job easy. You will have to work hard and make sound business decisions to be successful. My staff and I strive to help you meet your goals. I gain no merit just charging you money for a service if you are not successful in your business. I want our clients to stay on board with our service bureau during your entire transportation career.

Whether you choose our service bureau or some one else, I want all of you know how much I appreciate what you contribute to our Nation. We cannot survive without our trucks. Every time I buy groceries, medicine, clothing or anything else, I realize one of you made it possible for me to have all of the things I need.

Those of you who transport passengers have made it possible for thousands of people to go places and do things. I have watched as senior citizens get off the bus and I couldn’t help but notice how happy these folks are. Or, a bus load of children, bubbling over with joy and excitement. If not for you, many of these individuals would not be able to enjoy these things they love.

I must also praise the Household Goods Mover; you’re a must to our society. I suggest anyone planning to move, call you first.

It seems we’re living in difficult time with the price of fuel, and every thing else we need to live, rising quickly. I sincerely pray your business venture will prosper and be rewarding to you and your loved ones.

May God Bless You and Your Families,

Sincerely, Your Friend,

Mary Etta Spiller-Seger
Founder and President